Now What? A step-by-step approach to land your new job or career.

No matter where you are stuck in your career journey, this book will help. Need clarity? Can’t get an interview? Can’t win the job from your interview? This is the book for you.

How to Write Effective Policies and Procedures

The system that makes the process of developing policies and procedures easy. Whether you are a newbie to the task, or a seasoned professional, this book aims to make developing policies and procedures straight forward and manageable.


How to Get Clarity about your Next Career Move

This course will help you get clarity on what your next step in your career might be and takes you through a structured process to get you unstuck and moving to your new job or career.

How to Get your Job Application Noticed and Secure that Job Interview

This course will help you put together an effective job application that will help you land a job interview. It includes strategies for writing your resume and cover letters and selection criteria.

How to be Outstanding in Interviews and Land that Job

This course will help you prepare for job interviews so that you can really shine in an interview – answer any question, talk about yourself positively and confidently and overcome your nerves.

The Complete Career Training Package

Get a discount when you buy all three courses to help you get to your next career move. Covering; Clarity for your Next Career Move, Securing that Job Interview and Landing that perfect Job.


When you know what you want to achieve with your team, but don’t know how…

When you think there is a better way for your team to get something done…

When your Board or Committee are not working as effectively as they could be.

  • Kirsten weaves skills development and training into a workshop everyone will find inspiring and practical. Your team will be prepared to get the job done. They will have clarity, be back on track and work together to achieve outcomes
  • Facilitation of functional teams, management teams, Boards and Committees to achieve an objective, e.g. strategic planning and the production of a Strategic Plan, business planning and the production of a business/operational plan; authentic consultation for restructure planning
  • Training to address skills gaps in leadership and communication specific to the areas needing development, according to the culture and norms in the organisation, as well as the individual skill and knowledge levels.
  • Training and skills development woven in with facilitating a session toward a goal
  • Tailored and customised to the exact task and to the people in the room

Gestalt in Organisations Workshops

A broad range of workshops offering a Gestalt approach, run in partnership with the space between.

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