Amanda's Story

I helped Amanda transition from her head of department role to CEO.

Amanda sought my help because she had a clear vision of where she wanted her organization to go. Yet she recognized there were changes needed and especially inherited challenges left behind by the last CEO.

Over the next two years, Amanda and I worked together through a restructure. We redefined, and implemented her culture, vision and mission. We worked with her Board to ensure they became more effective.

Amanda achieved her vision. When I left, there was a fully functioning senior management team, operating in unison and the wider team fully realigned with the new culture and committed to her vision.

Sean's Story

Sean was so mad. He was managing an organisation where the majority of staff had brought a formal grievance against him. He had known there were problems but couldn't figure out what was at the root of it. He hadn't realised it was as bad as it was until the grievance came up. The good thing was Sean wanted to fix it, but he and none of the senior leadership team knew what to do.

Once we uncovered the core challenges causing the grievance, we implemented improved systems and processes in the way the organization promoted people. This was causing unrest; many managers were in positions that the staff didn't think they should be in.

Sean stepped up and took the difficult steps to evaluate the senior management team. He assessed who was in the right positions. He accepted my guidance on implementing performance management procedures. The hardest step was being willing to look at the problem and not run away from solving it, no matter how hard it felt at the time.

It can be lonely at the top. If your organisation is stalling, I step in to help you get it moving in the right direction.

One of the most frequent difficulties I hear CEOs express is, “The buck stops with me. I should have all the answers and sometimes I don’t. Our values are not coming through and I can’t talk to the senior management team, if they’re part of the problem.” I’ve got your back, I help you define the challenge, plan solutions and implement action across your organisation. I have no agenda except to help you achieve what it is you want your organisation to achieve.

Just because you're the boss doesn't mean you have to have all the answers.

Kirsten Brumby

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