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Lyndon's Story

Lyndon was good at his job and had a niche skillset. He applied for a new job which he saw as a step-up in his career and won it. He instantly became a member of the senior management team. A level that was, at the time, well above his leadership skillset. He was in very senior management. He spent a lot of time avoiding or running from the leadership tasks and fell back into his comfort zone using his technical skills. He was busy and worked hard, but his team needed a leader not another worker.

It was not Lyndon’s fault. He didn't fully understand his job role. He was never trained to have the mindset needed to be an effective leader or shown the skills. I showed him the ropes and pointed him in the right direction. He rebuilt his confidence, and now he's a super-effective team leader.

Anyone can be promoted to a first time management role, but being an effective manager takes a specific mindset and very different skills.

The new leader is often expected to have a natural flare for leadership, so training is often deemed unnecessary or overlooked. I customise training and support to help new leaders and team leaders lead effectively. Every team is different; that's why I adapt to your needs.

Kirsten Brumby

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