Kirsten Brumby

Kirsten Brumby thrives on leadership challenges that others walk away from. She brings an innovative approach to Corporate Coaching and Career development across industries including corporate, government and not for profits.

Kirsten Brumby Makes Things Happen for:

  • CEOs
  • Board Members
  • HR Managers
  • New Leaders and Team Leaders
  • Square Pegs and Entrepreneurs


Things not running smoothly? That’s where I come in. I help CEOs define what’s stopping their organisation from moving in the right direction, then we implement the vision.

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Board & Committee Members Board & Committee Members

Board & Committee Members

Have you been asked to sit on a board or a committee? Or started a board member role and have no clue what it entails? You’re not alone! Board members aren’t often trained in what is needed of them. I can help you define your role and the purpose of the board.

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HR Managers HR Managers

HR Managers

You’re on the side-lines but in the midst of it all and can often see people operating out of their depth or a toxic culture when others don’t, but you aren’t always in a position to influence it. I’m your go-to girl. I am the mediator between you and other senior staff, and I develop the strategy to enforce that change.

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New Leaders & Team Leaders New Leaders & Team Leaders

New Leaders & Team Leaders

I’d say 90% of new leaders or those who are team leaders are promoted because they’re exceptional workers. But it’s so easy for new leaders to fall into a trap. Why? Because they are still in ‘worker’ mode. When a successful team member is promoted to a leadership role, there is a necessary and often overlooked need to retrain, to upgrade skills and become an effective leader. I can show you how.

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Square Pegs and Entrepreneurs Square Pegs and Entrepreneurs

Square Pegs and Entrepreneurs

Feel like something just isn’t right and not sure if you still fit your role or even the organisation? Or are you an entrepreneur needing clarity and support to move your business to the next level? I help you master those challenges and more.

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